March 24, 2016

What We Offer

Academic Curriculum

Training the next generation of visionaries and problem-solvers

The Transformative Action Institute has successfully run classes, seminars, and programs at more than 40 colleges and universities across the United States, including Cornell, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, and Berkeley.
We empower teachers to transform their classrooms with the best practices in education. Our curriculum has many dynamic, interactive, and experiential activities.
Moreover, our 400-page Teachers’ Manual is used at universities and community-based organizations around the world. Based in scientific research, it teaches key skills for success, including:
  • Resilience
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Empathy
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Transformative communication
  • Luck
Our curriculum for teaching social entrepreneurship was recognized as a key innovation in the field by receiving the Cordes/Ashoka U Innovation award.

Trainings & Workshops

Improving a team’s vision, creativity, collaboration, and more


Businesses, governments, nonprofits, and other organizations all want to create effective individuals and teams. The principles of transformative action and the 21st century skills that we teach are applicable to every organization.
We are available to lead intensive short trainings as well as longer retreats for groups around the world. Key results include improving employee morale, collaboration, and team unity.

Speaking Engagements

Spreading best practices for transformation

We aim to inspire people all over the world to transform their lives, workplaces, and communities. We are available to speak at events and conferences that we believe are committed to empowering people to be agents of change. Please contact us to learn more about our availability and rates.